Tuesday, February 3, 2015

La dame du lac.

Hi this is an image ive done in zbrush and rendered in Toolbag.  Ive use an image from the comic ''excalibur chronique'' as reference.. I wanted to recreate the feel and the tone of the image but with my own touch. 

I put a little bit of ',true detective in the process too with the horn. The comic relate heavely on celtic lore and there is the god Cernunos who transform in a deer too. So it's a mix of  both influence's. 

Im also trying to learn some color correction tricks in photoshop at the same time. Ive reused the sword from my last project too. I spend also a lot of time trying hair solution with zbrush wich I end using fibermesh. Gladly I could use the digital tutors 72hours course free. Ive follow a fibermesh hair tutorial and a zbrush modelling  tutorial master class wich a greatly recommand. Not perfect but I like the overall final result. Hope you like it guys!.


Ive decided to make a more close-up shot to better show the face and the finer detail. I changed a little bit the composition and the style of the image.

update 2... hopefully the last...

Was not totally satisfied with the shape of the lady and the proportion et change some feature of the face. I try again to push more forward the render in marmoset and I try some color grading tutorial for photoshop.

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